A Thank you Poem to you

A thank you poem to you.


Dear Reader


Today we want to salute you for being a part of our lives
This journey of ours can become very lonely at times
We find joy and restoration in the love you show
It helps us bring forth the gem and glow.


Many people claim to care, but many of them are unaware
That all we desire is to be included in society, and not live in despair.
Our lives are no different to yours, a hiccup, here and there
But the same God that created you loves me dearly, and does not compare.


Our heart beat and pulse races against time and our polishing process might take a while
But eventually we will shine brighter than any diamond and simply smile
How often are we placed on an island of incompetence
But this organization proved that we have enough resilience.


All we needed was hope to make us stand
So we placed our trust in you to hold our hand.
We have so much to live for and so much to give despite our inabilities
God proved to us that His love is not categorized by our physical challenges we face, but sees our qualities.


So this might take you a few minutes to read, but our prayer is that it lives within your hearts forever