Technological & Finance Studies

To teach skills to be able to work the basic PC and ATMs and to work with money. We know the world has become digital. Our Goal is to help them adapt.

Social, Physical & Psychological Studies

Skills taught on acceptable social behaviours, mechanisms on how to deal with anger, frustrations, etc. How important physical exercise and fitness is for the body.

Overall Wellness

Continuous assessments to be done for Adult to reach their full potential.

Why Choose Us

Why not equip your loved one with special needs to reach their full potential with the aid of professional and passionate staff; rather than to just be home or sit around and do nothing.

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If you are a business or company seeking to employ a person with special needs, give us a call, we would be able to connect you with the BEST person that would suite your office environment.

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Happy Smiles and Willing to help


Professional Staff

People driven by passion, purpose and love, to empower and equip our People with the necessary skills to be positively integrated within Society.

H. A. C’s Crafty Gems

All crafts made and services rendered by our People will be sold to raise funds, to help sustain our Centre.

H. A. C’s Programs: R. A. F. T. S

To set our Adults a-sail; to empower, train and equip them with the necessary tools to be efficient, effective, confident and bold within Society.

Wellness, Awareness & Education

To bridge the gap between the Community and our Adults, with Special Needs; by creating awareness and education.

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Bronwyn Jacobs

Founder & Director

Visionary, passion and purpose driven with an eye for success and a heart of love. Aimed to lead, teach and serve People of Difference.

Jamie Johannes


The reason, the Driving force and the Heart of our Organisation.

Rowena Haywood

Clinical Nurse Practitioner

Our Florence Nightingale, a true Beacon of Hope, contributing to our Communities for over 40 years and still going strong.

Julia Nomoyi


Ensuring the smooth day to day running of our Centre, with passion and purpose.